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  • We are currently collecting donations to possibly buy our current place.
  • The board of the Muslim Community Center of Kingston, RI would like to share with you a proposal for a new and permanent Masjid. 
  • Friday Prayer will start with the Khutba (speech) at 1:00 PM and the Prayer will start at 1:30 PM. This time is valid in the Winter or Summer
  • URI Students who can’t make it at 1:00PM, there will be an earlier prayer to be announced


Welcome to Masjid Alhoda website. Masjid Alhoda (Muslim Community Center of Kingston, RI) is a religious non-profit organization and was officially established in 2001 in the state of Rhode Island aimed at providing a space of worship for Muslims in Kingston and the surrounding area. It also works to establish bridges of tolerance, harmony and understanding between Muslims, the American society at large and people of other faiths.

The Islamic Center practices and promotes a comprehensive, balanced view of Islam. The board of the mosque strives to represent the “middle path” to which Quran calls – a path of moderation, free of extremism, and representative of the Islamic vision of healthy community. Masjid Al-Hoda is located close by University of Rhode Island in a leased office space on Fortin road and it accommodates around 50 people comfortably. For directions, click here. The center is used for prayers, religious education and religious events.



Masjid Al Hoda

Masjid Al Hoda